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Coronavirus affects Sports World

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Coronavirus affects Sports World

With COVID-19 causing the world to halt, not only regular people are in danger, it is affecting even the world of sports.

Various countries have stopped sports events, even NBA, soccer premiere leagues etc.

Coronavirus has infected more than 850,000 people around the world and the governments have no choice but to cancel many events.

Japan, which was to host Tokyo Olympics 2020 had to postpone the event to 2021 after deliberation with International Olympic Committee. This came after Canada and Australia reported to not send their team reasoning safety issues, and other nations also criticizing IOC and Japan that Olympics should be postponed or canceled in lieu of increasing coronavirus infection world wide.
This is the first ever postponement of Olympics in its history.

Other types of sports events are canceled as well. In North America, National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer and National Hockey League have suspended whole season.

Italy, which has highest infection and death toll of coronavirus in Europe has canceled entire sports events until 3 April 2020.

Euro 2020 tournament is postponed until 2021 as stated by UEFA on 17 March 2020.

Also England has suspended football games until 30 April 2020, while FIFA also agreed to postpone Asian World Cup qualification games.

In East Asia, professional league seasons are postponed until further notice.

Even the Formula 1 grand prix has been postponed and canceled season-opening GP after one of the McLaren team member was found positive with coronavirus.

Aside from above, golf, cycling, marathons which were scheduled world wide have been canceled or postponed.

It is an unfortunate reality but these are necessary measures to prevent spread of the virus. We hope this virus will be contained soon with creation of vaccine or as it stops to spread more.

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