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Psychology behind Playing Lottery Game

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Psychology behind Playing Lottery Game

You do know that chances of winning a lottery is next to being struck by lightning. Yet many people around the world play it and it seems to never end.
What may be causing this? Lets find out.

First of all, it is easy to justify why you play. It costs you less but your expected outcome, if lucky, is huge. Some people may think it is an investment or reason out that the proceeds go to help the community.

Secondly, to some people who have been playing for a long time—like decades—it became like a hobby. They may have won few times and lost more however for them it became a long term investment and a trap of sort which they cant escape anymore.

Thirdly, you may feel like you just missed by a slim chance. If you won 3 out of 5 numbers, your thinking is ‘I have barely missed it! Next time I’ll make it!’. It gives you an illusion of control and confidence.

Lastly, superstitious thinking. Last night you had a good dream of winning a lottery. Or you just had a strike of gut feeling that today is your lucky day.

Nonetheless, lottery game can be fun when played moderately. The prospect of winning the grand prize, the fantasy of what to do with all the money, keeps people coming back. Happy playing! (Again, in moderation)

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