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Professional Athletes, Coaches, Players Test Positive for Coronavirus

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Professional Athletes, Coaches, Players Test Positive for Coronavirus

Coronavirus is one scary virus. Here is a list of some of coaches, players from different sports who are confirmed of infection.

Famous Arsenal coach of English Premiere League, Mikel Arteta is told to be infected Mar 2020. This has caused panic in the football world, worrying the team and the fans.
Another notable name in football, Trey Thompkins of Real Madrid was diagnosed on 12 Mar 2020.

In USA, Kevin Durant the NBA player for Brooklyn Nets tested positive for the coronavirus. Thankfully it seems he is not showing serious symptoms. Before Durant, Rudy Gobert of Utah Jazz was the first among NBA players notified to be infected. Consequently, NBA community decided to suspend the remaining season until further notice.

Baseball is no exemption, as one of New York Yankees player is diagnosed and announced to be infected on 15 March. Also PGA tour golfer named Victor Lange was confirmed on 19 March.

What does all this mean?

As there may be no stop to the spread for a while, the important lesson of this article is to keep safe at home and observe good personal hygiene.

Find your own ways to spend time, use your mental abilities and keep a routine. You can play games or watch videos and chill, clean the house daily, do simple stretches every morning, even try your luck at a lottery game sometimes.

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