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One of ways to kill time during long home quarantine, Play Powerball G…

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One of ways to kill time during long home quarantine, Play Powerball Game

Welcome. How are you doing in this time of COVID-19 home quarantine? It is difficult to find ways to spend time. Video streaming and chill, or doing routine house chores, online chatting with friends, playing video games, etc name them all.
After doing all these and if you still want to get some entertainment, we have a way to help you.
If you have some money to spare and want to play a different game which offers winning rewards, we highly recommend to play Powerball Game, an online lottery game.

How to Play Powerball Game

It is simple and easy to play this game. If you are a regular game player no sweat. Allow us to explain how to play this game.

Step 1. Select the name from a retailer, then the player needs to choose five different numbers from 69 white balls. Then pick one number among 26 red balls. The number from red balls is the new number. The number can be similar to those among five white balls.

Step 2. You have to buy tickets from a retailer, and this step can be done before Step1 if you wish to do this first. You can buy more than one ticket if you think it will help your winning chance.

Step 3. Request for a quick pick using the same retailer where you purchased the ticket(s).

Step 4. The retailer will send a card to you which has all the numbers from the balls

Step 5. You can play the game using the names and the tickets

Step 6. If you win the number, the card is wanted and when you use gain the next card, you will not be able to return the ticket or cancel the ticket you have purchased.

Step 7. The won tickets will be reviewed by the manager or the retailer of the lottery. The winning numbers are selected randomly among the won tickets.

Step 8. Finally for players who won a large number of the cards, they will be given the grand prize.


In this article, we suggested playing Powerball game as one of ways to spend extra leisure time during COVID-19 home quarantine period. It may cost you few bucks, USD 2 per card, but you can be entertained and if lucky, can be the winner.
You can purchase maximum of USD 125 for the cards. It wont break your bank if you play smart. Try it some time for entertainment.

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